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Sleepybear Campground

Sleepybear is a privately owned campground famous for hosting thousands of concert-goers and tailgaters over the past 30 years, providing the most entertaining, safest way to enjoy pre and post-concert events with campers looking for the same vibe. We are located just across the street from Gate 3 of the Ruoff Music Center, or as we still like to call it “Deer Creek”. 😉

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Google Maps screenshot of Sleepybear Campground in Noblesville, IN
Sleepybear Campground in Noblesville, IN
Concert-goes during a concert at the Ruoff Music Center
Aerial view of the Ruoff Music Center during a concert
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Conveniently Located by the Ruoff Music Center 

Sleepybear is the absolute CLOSEST place that you can call “home” when planning to visit for your favorite show. We are open in conjunction with the 2022 Ruoff Music Center event schedule, as well as other live music events.

Deer Creek has ranked as a top 10 amphitheater worldwide for the last 10 years.

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Have any general questions about Sleepybear? Want to tell us how much fun you had last time? Any suggestions? You’re in the right place! Feel free to send us a message and we’ll get back to you with a response as soon as possible. You can also contact Park Ranger Pete at (317) 691-2339 or [email protected].

No Hassles

“I have spent quite a few weekends at Sleepybear, getting to see the Music Venue from my camping chair (can even hear the sound checks) and easing into the Dead shows, no rush, enjoying every moment. Even after the show, I’m back in my campsite in 15 min..Staying at sleepybear feels safe and easygoing and the Staff absolutely rocks, good people.”

Jeremy R. / Google

“Stayed here for Ph shows and it was absolutely incredible. The staff is the greatest, food truck rocked, vibes were super chill, and THE CLEANEST PORTA POTTYS I HAVE EVER SEEN. As fresh on Sunday night as they were when we got there Friday morning. Thank you Sleepy Bear fam, you are the best.”

Jay R. / Google

“Imagine being at your favorite stadium concert whether it’s Phish, Megadeth, Dave Matthews or whatever… and then literally walking to your campsite.

Sleepy Bear is just… it’s one of a kind.”

Harlan R. / Google

“Park Ranger Pete is so nice and inviting. The grounds are well taken care of. The place can be peaceful or crazy depending on the concert but the staff here never lets us down. Great cheap breakfast and it is a nice convenient short walk to the venue across the street. I love this place.”

Jawna B. / Google

“I highly recommend Sleepybear Campground!! It’s hands down the best place to camp when going to a concert directly across the street. Been going there for 20 years, multiple times a summer and never once had a bad time! Park Ranger Pete knows how to make his campers happy!!”

Melissa E. / Google